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News pertaining to July 2008

  • 29.07.2008:BSNL conveys approval of BSNL Board for change in designations for functional posts in respect of Executives working only in Corporate Office. View orders...

  • 29.07.2008:BSNL notifies JAO induction training Phase-III (5 weeks) for departmental candidates against 40% quota from 1st September 2008. View letter...       View list...

  • 28.07.2008:Joint Forum of BSNL unions and associations has given a call for Lunch Hour Demonstration on 29.07.2008 in protest against the proposal for merger of ITI with BSNL.  AIBSNLOA expresses its full support and solidarity to the Joint Forum call.

  • 27.07.2008:BSNL's IPO back on track? Economic Times reports that 'the finance ministry has asked BSNL to go ahead with laying the groundwork for the country’s largest-ever listing. Top BSNL sources confirmed that the PSU would start reconciliation process with its employee unions soon, while also adding that the telco was all set to begin ‘preparatory work’ for the proposed listing.' Read More...

  • 25.07.2008: Issue of Absorption of ITS Group A officers: The cabinet, yesterday, is reported to have considered and approved the DoT Note  based on the recommendations of the Group of Ministers.  In the face of their demand of absorption from a prospective date having been rejected by the GoM, last minute efforts, by a section to get atleast pro-rata pension from a prospective date, also have failed.  Now the process for absorption of ITS Group A officers has to start forthwith.

  • 25.07.2008: BSNL has gone on appeal against Punjab/Haryana High Court order directing BSNL to restore the JTO posts diverted from Outsider quota to Departmental Qualifying quota to promote the TTAs who had passed the JTO qualifying examination.  The appeal will be taken up for admission on 30th September 2008.

  • 24.07.2008: A+ categorisation of BSNL by the 2nd Pay Revision committee for CPSEs - CLAIMS & THE FACTS: 'The moment the 2nd Pay Revision Committee for CPSEs in its recommendations submitted to the Government categorized the CPSEs into five categories i.e  A+, A, B, C and D in place of existing categorization in four categories i.e A, B, C and D  and incidentally  BSNL has got a place in category A+ having passed through the parameters fixed by the Pay Revision Committee of its own for deciding the categorization for the CPSEs, the other two Executives’ Associations in BSNL started making tall claims that it is because of them that the BSNL has been classified as A+.'  These claims are far from the facts.  Read More...

  • 22.07.2008:BSNL orders a few more promotions from SDE Telecom to STS  (Adhoc). View order...

  • 21.07.2008:CHQ writes to Minister of Communications on ITI merger:'At present, BSNL itself is fighting a grim battle for its survival. Its profit margin has dipped considerably. The employees are having sleepless nights about their future. In these circumstances, BSNL cannot afford to tag with a sinking boat. Therefore, the proposal for merger of M/S ITI Limited with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has to be discarded right now.'  'However, any proposal for treating M/S ITI Limited as a subsidiary to BSNL or for having a joint venture between M/s ITI Ltd and BSNL could be considered with no direct or indirect liability on BSNL.'  Read More...

  • 19.07.2008:Following declaration of results of the LDCE for SDE(T), BSNL has called for vigilance clearance and other details like DOB, Circle of present posting, correctness of eligibility year and gradation details in JTO grade in respect of successful candidates, from respective circles.

  • 19.07.2008:BSNL issues inter-circle transfer orders in the cadre of SDE (T). View orders...

  • 19.07.2008:BSNL has authorised PCE(E)/CE(E) to order local officiating in the cadre of SDE(E). View orders...

  • 19.07.2008:BSNL issues orders revising seniority of some SDEs in compliance with Supreme Court orders dated 26.04.2000 in C.A.4339/1995. View orders...

  • 16.07.2008: BSNL board has cleared IDA scale of Rs.11875 for AAOs and has sent to DoT for approval.

  • 16.07.2008: BSNL issues orders for increase in IDA from 29.4% to 34.4% w.e.f. 01.07.2008.View orders...

  • 14.07.2008: We learn with distress that there has been an attempt to forcibly enter and occupy TESA Bhawan at Noida on 12.07.2008 by some people who had been at Delhi to attend a Circle Secretaries' meeting of another Association.  Never before, such an atrocious event has been heard of, in the history of trade unions in Telecom and it is really shocking to know that those who lead Executives' association have stooped so much low. Such acts are to be condemned by all.  Intolerance and violence are symptoms of weak minds and have always been rejected by masses.  We only hope that this madness ends here. For more details visit

  • 14.07.2008: TTA comrades through out the country are  worried about the implications of the Punjab/Haryana High Court ordering restoration of JTO posts diverted from 50% outside quota to 35% departmental qualifying quota.  CHQ has already taken up the issue with BSNL administration.  TTA comrades who are interested to know the details may contact Com.R.R.Balasubramanian, ACS, Tamilnadu Circle in his mobile:09486100613. More details will be published shortly.

  • 13.07.2008:A lot of queries are being received by us regarding  revision of seniority  list of the TES Group B Officers in the same principle that was followed for fixation of seniority of  S/Shri Brij Mohan and P N Lal. Following orders in a contempt petition in Supreme Court, DoT revised seniority of 54 SDEs (45 SDEs who were petitioners in the Contempt Petition in Supreme Court and another 9 in a petition in HP High Court) under the same principle and some of these 54 SDEs have been recently promoted as DE Adhoc. DoT was earlier stated to have been seeking the advice of Ministry of Law whether the seniority of all SDEs similarly placed is also to be revised. It is now learnt that  DoT has finally decided that seniority of all similarly placed SDEs cannot be revised as they were not applicants in the above petitions, implying that the benefit of revision of the seniority will be available only to those who obtain similar orders from the court.

  • 09.07.2008:Issue of absorption of ITS Group A: On the basis of the recommendations of the Group of Ministers, DoT has prepared and sent a fresh note for consideration by the Cabinet.  The Cabinet is yet to discuss the issue.

  • 08.07.2008: View Page 35 of the SDE Telecom LDCE results.

  • 08.07.2008: The results of 25% LDCE for promotion to SDE Telecom are given here. Page No. 35 of 41 (Sl.Nos.1452 to 1494) has not been published and the same  will be published as soon as it is available. Congratulations to all those who have been successful in the Examination. View the Results: Covering Letter      Results of Open category in five easily downloadable files:   ONE       TWO      THREE     FOUR     FIVE           Results of SC/ST category

  • 08.07.2008:Uploading of results of 25% LDCE for promotion to SDE Telecom in the BSNL Intranet Site is in progress. Full results will be available at some time around 9PM. 

  • 07.07.2008:Telecom dept employee gets medical reimbursement after 8 yrs: The Delhi High Court has come to the rescue of a central government employee who suffered a heart attack eight years ago and has been struggling for full reimbursement of the expenses incurred towards his treatment. Read More...

  • 06.07.2008:Revival of the proposal for merger of BSNL and MTNL -  A wrong move at wrong moment:  Two Associations of BSNL Executives and another two in MTNL have suddenly revived an old issue …………It is really a matter of serious concern when the sword of disinvestment of BSNL’s stake is still in the neck why then this move for merger of BSNL and MTNL is revived ?  Is it the result of any internal understanding with the Management ?  Read More...

  • 02.07.2008: BSNL issues promotion orders from SDE Telecom to DE Adhoc. View orders: Page 1-5     Page 6-10     Page 11-15    Page 16-20   Page 21-25    Page 26-27

  • 02.07.2008: BSNL issues promotion orders from SDE (E) to EE (E) Adhoc. View order...

  • 01.07.2008: As per statistics available, IDA is reported to have increased by 5% w.e.f. 01.07.2008, from 29.4% to 34.4%

  • 01.07.2008: The First Circle Executive Meeting of AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu Circle has been conducted in a grand manner on 28.06.2008 at Trichy. A Symposium on "BSNL can still make it to the top" has been conducted the same day, with mass participation. For more details, please visit AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu website at

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