NEWS - JUNE 2014


Increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.7.2014:

According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for March, April and May 2014, IDA is to increase by 2.9% w.e.f. 1.7.2014 from 88.4% to 91.3%.


Cancel broadband spectrum held by Reliance Jio - CAG draft report:

'CAG in a draft report sent to the Department of Telecom for comments, said, "the DoT failed to recognise the tell-tale sign of rigging of the auction right from beginning of the auction" in which a small ISP, Infotel Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (IBSPL) emerged winner of pan-India broadband spectrum by paying 5,000 times of its net worth. RIL acquired IBSPL within hours of it winning the spectrum and later renamed it Reliance Jio.'  Read More


Tenure transfers in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued transfer orders to the DEs/AGMs who have completed their tenure and to their substitutes.  View orders


Tenure transfers in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued transfer orders to the SDEs (T) who have completed their tenure and to their substitutes.  View orders


Retention in parent circle on promotion and posting in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining two executives in their parent circles upto 31.12.2014.  View orders


Retention in parent circle on promotion and posting in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining four executives in their parent circles upto 31.12.2014.  View orders


Modification in posting orders in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has modified the circle of posting in respect of two Executives.  View orders


Arrangement for exercise of statutory powers in posts being manned on look after basis:

The BSNL CDA Rules 2O06 (as amended from time to time) envisages in its schedules that where officers of the level indicated in the schedules are not available, then the officers in the higher scale(s)/grade shall exercise these powers'. This entails that whenever a post is being manned on look after basis, the statutory functions shall move to the next higher level, e.g. a GM in case of DGM, or a DGM in case of DE or a DE in case of SDE.'  Read More


HAL to Introduce Pension Scheme for its Executives:

'The scheme would benefit around 2000 executives already retired from January 1, 2007 and 9,800 serving executives of the Company. HAL would contribute 7% of the Basic Pay plus Dearness Allowance drawn by each executive from January 1, 2007 onwards to fund the Scheme. Executives can also make voluntary contribution to the Scheme. M/s LIC of India would manage the Corpus Fund.'  Read More


Government to challenge TDSAT ruling on 3G pacts in Supreme Court - Ravi Shankar Prasad:

'BSNL and MTNL are top priority for us right now. I can't say much on the issue of the merger yet, give us some time to work on these important issues. All decisions will be taken purely on merit.'  Read More


Is full mobile number portability (MNP) another big scam?:

'B K Syngal argues that full mobile number portability is a ‘con job’ by lobbying on behalf Telcordia and Syniverse and will burden consumers with unnecessary costs to benefit the two service providers.'  Read More


Revision of Forms under the General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules, 1960 and Contributory Provident Fund Rules (India), 1962:

DoP&PW has circulated revised Forms under the General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules, 1960 and Contributory Provident Fund Rules (India), 1962.  View circular


List comprising particulars of SDE (T) promoted under seniority quota against vacancy years 2006-07 to 2008-09:

BSNL CO has circulated the list comprising particulars of SDE (T) promoted under seniority quota against vacancy years 2006-07 to 2008-09, inviting objections therein.  View letter


Preparatory work for promotion to AGM/DE(T) on regular basis and requirement of ACRs:

'If ACR/APARs are available with SSAs, they are requested to send the attested copies (on each page) to the DPC Cell directly with intimation to the respective circle nodal officers.'  Read More


Convening of CPC for Executives (BSNL Management Services) in respect of various streams:

Since the earlier composition of CPC is valid only upto 30.6.2014, BSNL CO has circulated the new composition for the forthcoming CPCs for the period from 1.7.2014 to 30.6.2015.  View letter


Extending the benefit of ACP on upgraded scale to the Executive cadres of Civil/Architect/Electrical/Telecom Factory and CSS/CSSS etc - corrigendum:

BSNL CO has issued a corrigendum to its letter dated 12.5.2014 on the above subject.  View corrigendum


Retention of executives promoted as DE (Adhoc) in parent circle:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining one executive in his parent circle upto 30.6.2015.  View orders


Holidays to be observed in BSNL during the year 2015:

BSNL CO has circulated the list of holidays to be observed during the year 2015, based on DoP&T letter dated 6.6.2014, which has been already published in this site.  View letter


Preparatory work for ensuing CpC for promotion to DGM(T) (Regular):

BSNL CO has circulated list of officers under consideration for promotion to DGM (T) on regular basis, in respect of whom APAR/VC are yet to be received from the respective circles.  View letter


Meeting with GM (Estt):

GS met GM (Estt) yesterday and discussed the following:

1.Amendments of JTO RR :

GM(Estt) informed that Management Committee of BSNL has already approved the revised JTO RR and now the BSNL Board has to give its approval. On our specific enquiry, he informed us that some of the proposals given by our association have been incorporated in the revised RR and whatever proposed by the Establishment section has been approved by the BSNL Management Committee.

2.CPSU Cadre Hierarchy :

GM (Estt) informed us that no further meeting has been held in this regard. We once again reiterated that our association should be taken into confidence before final decision is taken.

3. Superannuation benefits to BSNL recruited employees :

GM (Estt) informed us that the high power committee has submitted its report and now the report will be submitted to MC of BSNL board for approval.

4. Fitment benefit of 78.2% to pensioners who retired after 1.1.2007 but before 10.6.2013:

We expressed our concern over the undue delay in extending the fitment benefit to pensioners who retired after 1.1.2007 but before 10.6.2013. GM (Estt) felt that the matter has now become complex because of DoT clubbing together, the revision of pension for pre-1.1.2007 pensioners and extending the fitment benefit to those who retired after 1.1.2007 but before 10.6.2013.

5. Revision of Transport allowance :

We requested GM (Estt) for revision of transport allowance rates which were fixed at the time of formation of BSNL while the transportation charges have grown multi-fold. While he was in agreement with our concern, he said any increase in Transport Allowance could be thought of, only when BSNL earns profit. We intend to take up the issue with CMD.


Meeting with Sr.GM (Pers):

GS met Sr.GM(Pers) yesterday and discussed about the transfer and retention requests, especially cases related to Chennai TD, CTD, UP (W) and Tamilnadu circles. Sr.GM (Pers) informed us that some of the requests have been considered and some are under consideration. However he said that Director (HR) was not in favour of considering cases related to CHTD. We shall meet Director (HR) in this regard again. We also requested Sr.GM (Pers) to expedite the preparatory work of conducting DPC for JTO to SDE, SDE to STS and STS to DGM. Sr.GM (Pers) informed that preparatory work for conducting DPCs in time has already been started and that as soon as directions from different courts are available, efforts will be made to complete the DPCs in time.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited starts voice SMS service in Punjab:

'The service allows customers to record their voice by dialling a 10 digit code and send it as a message. Similarly, the voice SMS can be retrieved by dialling a short code.'  Read More


BSNL CDA Rules 2006, updated:

BSNL CO has circulated BSNL CDA Rules, 2006 incorporating amendments upto 19.6.2014.  View Rules


Rectification of anomalies in pension of BSNL employees who retired within 10 months after their absorption in BSNL:

BSNL CO has circulated a DoT letter and has called for details of those cases where pension + DR under the present dispensation is less than that the pensioner would have got if he had continued in CDA scale.  View letter


Retention in parent circle on promotion as DE (Adhoc):

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining one executive in her parent circle upto 31.12.2014.  View letter


Performance of BSNL and MTNL to be monitored closely for their revival:

'Union Minister for Communications & IT, Law & Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the moral of the Department was not in happy situation because of this being in news for wrong reasons in the past. It was clearly conveyed by Shri Prasad that now decision will be taken on merits and days of lobbying are over. He appealed to all officers to open up and learn to take decisions to ensure growth in the most important sector of Indian economy. He emphasized that improvement of BSNL and MTNL both in terms of performance and infrastructure would be an important area of this priority. He would be playing a pro-active role in monitoring functioning of the two bodies. For this he has directed for installation of suitable equipments in his chamber.If the Base Transmission Station in a particular circle are not functioning in a satisfactory manner then serious view will be taken.'  Read More


Compendium on sports in BSNL:

BSNL CO has circulated a compendium on sports in BSNL, updated upto March 2014.  View letter


Recognition of majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL - Holding of 1st membership verification – calling up of applications:

BSNL CO has notified holding of the first membership verification of Executive employees of BSNL, on the basis of BSNL (REA) Rules, 2014 notified on 6.1.2014. Conduct of Election is proposed to be done on 10.12.2014.  View notice
 View facilities for all associations till completion of verification


Prime Minister National Relief Fund - details for filing Income Tax Return:

BSNL CO has circulated the Name, Address and PAN of donee to enable filing of ITR.  View letter


Vodafone tax case is a litmus test for NDA government; Contrary to what lobbyists for the British telco say, allowing it to violate laws would hamper investment environment in India:

'It is high time for India to enforce the rule of law without fear or favour. Collecting legitimate tax revenue is the bounden duty of the Government. Foreign investors will ultimately prefer and respect a destination committed to the rule of law, rather than a regime that subverts it.'  Read More


BSNLMRS - Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment - cases where no CGHS rates are prescribed for any treatment/procedure:

'When CGHS rates are not available, the cases are settled as per AIIMS rates.'  Read More


BSNL launches low-cost smartphone Bharat with Internet for Rs 1099:

'BSNL, on Friday launched a low-cost smart phone, Bharat phone with e-governance applications for common man. It comes with a 3-inch display with dual SIM card slot is priced at Rs. 1,099. The handset is likely to be made available from June 15.'  Read More


CHQ writes to Prime Minister of India regarding Non-extension of the benefit of merger of 78.2% IDA to BSNL pensioners who retired on or before 9.6.2013 and creation of an anomaly:

'Thus all the employees who were in service on 10.6.2013 have been allowed higher basic pay during the seven years, compared to those who retired during the period from 1.1.2007 to 9.6.2013. This has created another serious anomaly.'  Read More


Central Government Holidays for the year 2015:

DoPT has circulated the list of holidays to be observed by Central Government Offices for the year 2015.  View letter


Mismanagement of business by Indian telcos like Tata Teleservices is the real cause of flight of foreign capital and not policy paralysis:

'In fact, it is all the more important for the press to be a faithful watchdog of the common man considering that this is slowly becoming an evil trend in the sector today. We have seen another company in Reliance Communications, which too has enjoyed all the attendant benefits given to Tata Tele and Aircel, and which is now showing massive debts and declining profits each quarter. Internal mismanagement, lack of aptitude for running a telecom business and a tendency to treat the banking sector as their personal fiefdoms, are factors which have created this situation and ironically, the companies most favored by the Indian authorities have become untouchables to foreign investors.'  Read More


Clarification on Child Care Leave:

DoPT has conveyed the Dept. of Expenditure's decision to remove the requirement of minimum period of 15 days' CCL.  View letter


Transfer and Posting in CAO grade:

BSNL CO has issued transfer and posting orders in CAO grade.  Read More


Meeting with General Manager (CIT):

GS met General Manager (Corporate IT) today and discussed about the reported proposal for bringing ERP wing under ITPC Pune. GM (CIT) said that the proposal has already been approved by CMD and that the apprehensions of the Executives working in ERP regarding HR issues are unfounded since there will be no transfers because of implementation of this proposal. He said that Ghaziabad will continue to be the ERP Centre and that separate accounts unit will handle the salary and other perks of the ERP staff. He also felt that under ITPC Pune, the implementation of ERP will be better. GS suggested that the administrative control can continue to be with BSNL CO while functional control may be with ITPC Pune. GM (CIT) agreed to deliberate about this with concerned officers.


Meeting with General Manager (NOFN):

GS met GM (NOFN) today and apprised him about our discussions with Member (Services), DoT. General Manager (NOFN) explained in detail the difficulties being faced by BSNL in implementing the projects. AIBSNLOA will shortly take up the issue with MoC for proper co-ordination between BSNL, DoT and BBNL.


Meeting with Sr.General Manager (Pers):

GS met Sr.GM (Pers) today and again discussed the issue of further retention of DEs/AGMs retained upto 31.3.2014, stating that all these Executives were given retention upto 31.3.2014 based on case by case examination only. GS requested that all these cases should be reviewed on the same grounds. GS also raised the issue of clubbing together the services rendered in West Bengal Circle and in Calcutta Telephones for preparing long stay list in SDEs by CTD, which is not correct. Sr.GM (Pers) said that action is being taken on this matter.


Reliance Jio Infocomm network's progress hit by not getting right-of-way to lay underground cables:

'"Getting right-of-way in several parts of the country is becoming a problem for Reliance Jio. But things will be sorted out as early as possible," a company official told PTI on condition of anonymity.'  Read More


Retention of DE/AGM grade Executives in parent circles:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining seven executives in their parent circles upto 31.3.2015, on immunity grounds.  View orders


Name/DOB/Staff No. correction of Officers in SDEs (T) Seniority list:

BSNL CO has called the circle ofiices concerned for the correct Name/DOB/Staff No. in respect of 23 Executives in SDEs (T) seniority list.  View letter


Regular Promotion to the Executives in AGM/ DE grade - ante-dating of promotion:

Based on court orders, BSNL CO has ante-dated the seniority of one Executive.  View orders


Regular Promotion to the Executives in AGM/ DE grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of regular promotion in AGM/DE grade for two Executives.  View orders


Meeting with Member (Services), DoT:

GS met Member (Services), DoT yesterday and discussed various issues pertaining to revival of BSNL and the issue of allowing 78.2% fitment benefit to BSNL pensioners. The meeting lasted nearly half an hour. Regarding 78.2%, Member (Services) informed us that the matter is still pending with DoT Finance and that he will speak to them for early finalisation of reply to DoE. Member(S) during discussions about the present financial condition of BSNL expressed his concern about the delay in implementation of two big projects viz. BB connectivity at Block HQ and Defence Network Project. He mentioned that progress of both the projects is very slow and delay in completion of these projects will adversely affect the revenue of BSNL. He wanted that BSNL Management should take some concrete steps for early completion of these projects.


Meeting with Executive Director (IT):

GS met the ED (IT) yesterday and raised the issue of reported proposal for handing over ERP wing to CGM ITPC, Pune, which is being presently managed by BSNL CO. We expressed our concern over the likely HR issues to be faced, if the proposal is implemented. We also informed him that the Executives posted in ERP have volunteered based on the fact that it comes under BSNL CO and may seek different option if the ERP is handed over to ITPC Pune. ED (IT) was completely in agreement with our concern and assured us to have our points examined.


CHQ writes to Prime Minister on revival of BSNL:

'AIBSNLOA believes that the survival and growth of BSNL is important not only to its employees but also is vital for the entire country. BSNL as a Government owned PSU acts as a safeguard against exploltation of the customers by the private operators.'  Read More


Launch of new service - Facebook on USSD by BSNL:

BSNL launches Facebook on USSD in South and East Zones. To be launched shortly in West and North Zones.  Read More