Rationalization of national roaming tariff under prepaid and postpaid mobile services to comply with “The Telecommunication Tariff (Sixtieth Amendment) order, 2015 No. 3 of 2015”:

BSNL has rationalised the national roamig tariff under prepaid and postpaid mobile services to comply with TTO. View letter


Final seniority list in the grade of regular architects:

BSNL CO has circulated the final seniority list in the grade of regular Architechts as on 1.3.2015. View letter


Regular promotion to DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued promotion and posting order to one Executive in DE/AGM grade notionally w.e.f.1.12.2014. View orders


BSNL told to Improve Services and Win back People Confidence:

'Bharat Sanchar Nigam has been told to improve services and ensure that better quality of signal is maintained specially in the border and extremism affected areas. Union Minister for Telecom and Information Technology, Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad said these at a meeting with the members of Parliament from the States of Bihar, Meghalaya, Manipur and Nagaland. The Union Minister for Telecom and Information Technology, Mr. Ravi Prasad said while the Government is committed to revive BSNL and numbers of initiatives are in the pipeline to bring it back to the position of market leader. He said the management of BSNL will also be expected to regain lost confidence of people by improving services and response.' Read More


Holding of any agitational programme in BSNL premises:

BSNL SR Section has once more reiterated that local administration of BSNL at various levels would endeavor to earmark some suitable separate space, if it not already done, within their administrative control or in association with other BSNL units for allowing display/expression of grievances/issues by staff/employees and/or gathering/assembly of staff/employees, which may arise in order to draw the attention of the management. View letter


Meeting with Secretary, DoT postponed to 1st May 2015:

Meeting of Secretary, DoT with Forum constituents, scheduled to be held on 27th April has now been postponed to 1st May 2015. Meanwhile, it is learnt that MoC had a meeting with Shri Sankar Prasad Datta MP, Shri Jitendra Choudhury MP and a few other MPs in Parliament Annex, wherein the MPs raised the demands put up by the Forum on which 2 days strike was called, for revival of BSNL. MoC is reported to have agreed to consider the demands. It is also reported that the MPs requested MoC to grant a meeting to the Forum constituents.


Meeting with General Manager (Pers):

GS along with CS BSNL CO met Shri Debkumar Chakravarti who has taken charge of Personnel Section in addition to Recruitment and Training, greeted him in his new assignment and requested his goodwill in settling a large number of personnel cases like filling up SDE, DE and DGM vacancies under seniority cum fitness quota, consideration of genuine requests for transfer, reallotment and retention in various grades, proper implementation of transfer policy etc. GM (Pers) assured us that he will have a fresh look into all the issues and wanted us to submit a list of issues to be considered. We have agreed to submit the details. Earlier we also met DGM (Pers) and discussed regarding holding of DPC for promotion to DE and DGM and a few transfer/retention requests.


Promotion and posting in SDE (Civil) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of promotion and posting from JTO (Civil) to SDE (Civil) grade under seniority cum fitness quota for vacancy year 2014-15. View orders


Rounding off of fraction of a rupee in regulation of additiona pension:

DoP&PW has decided that amount of additional pension as finally calculated may be rounded off to the next higher rupee while granting of additional pension/family pension @ 20% to 100% to old pensioners/family pensioners of the age 80 years and above. However no arrears for the period from 1.1.2006 on account of such rounding off would be paid in those cases. View DoP&PW letter


Travel by premium trains on official duty/tour/training/transfer etc.- clarification:

Dept. of Expenditure has clarified that travel by Premium Trains by Central Government servants on Official Duty/Tour/Training/Transfer etc. is not allowed and therefore, the fare charged for Premium Trains by the Indian Railways for the journey performed by Premium Trains shall not be reimbursable. View DoE clarification


Rate of interest for General Provident Fund:

According to DoE resolution, accumulations in GPF will continue to carry interest at the rate of 8.7% during the period from 1.4.2015 to 31.3.2016. View Resolution


Leave Travel Concession (LTC) entitlements of unmarried Government servants - Conversion of Home Town LTC facility into travel to different parts of the country permissible under the special dispensation scheme - Clarification:

'It has been decided that the facility of conversion of Home Town LTC to allow travel to different parts of the country, under the special dispensation scheme, will also apply to an unmarried Central Government servant, who is eligible to avail the benefit of LTC to visit Home Town every year. This facility may be availed by converting one occasion of Home Town LTC out of the four Home Town LTC occasions available in a block of four years.' Read More


Retention of DE/AGM in parent circles:

BSNL CO has issued orders temporarily retaining three executives in their parent circles for different periods. View letter


Modification in posting orders as DE/AGM:

BSNL CO has issued orders modifying the circle of posting in respect of one Executive. View orders


LDCE for promotion to SDE (T) under 33% quota:

In view of legal issues, BSNL CO has decided to conduct LDCE for promotion to SDE (T) grade under 33% quota for the vacancy year 2010-11 only, on 21-06-2015. View letter


Indication of aadhaar number in salary package software and pension papers of retiring employees:

BSNL CO has asked all employees working in BSNL CO to provide a photocopy of aadhaar card to the concerned administrative sections. Read More


Introduction of additional facility of unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM on landline & mobile of any network within India under Broadband combo plans:

BSNL has decided to introduce the facility of unlimited free calls between 9 PM to 7 AM on Landline & Mobile of any network within India under its 27 Broadband combo plans on PAN India basis. View letter


Merger of Recruitment and Personnel sections in BSNL Corporate Office:

BSNL CO has issued transfer and posting orders in SAG grade consequent on merging of Recruitment & Personnel Sections and merging of S&M-CM and Infra Cells of BSNL Corporate Office. View orders


Massive participation on second day too:

Strike on the second day has been a repeat of first day with massive participation throughout the country. The near total strike on both the days reflects the concern of the employees about survival of BSNL and expression of anger over the Government/DoT's failure to implement its commitments while using BSNL to discharge the Government's social obligations. We congratulate all the BSNL employees for this unprecedented show of unity and strength. The meeting with Secretary DoT is now scheduled for 5 PM on 27th April 2015.


Strike near total on first day:

According to reports received from across the country, the strike has been near TOTAL on the first day, today. In a historic development, BSNL Corporate Office registered a strong impact of the strike, for the first time in the past many years, with 80% of the non-executives and executives participating in the strike. We appeal to all to step up the tempo and ensure 100% strike tomorrow.


BSNL employees will resort two days strike on 21-22 April demanding revival of BSNL:

'The strike Demands submitted by the Forum are mainly intended to improve the services and to better the financial viability of the company. However, neither the Secretary, Department of Telecom nor the Communications Minister have so far called the Unions/associations for any discussion or settlement of the issues.' Read More


Meeting with CMD on strike issues:

CMD met the office-bearers of the unions and associations which have given a two days strike call on 21st and 22nd April 2015 on a charter of demands mainly in respect of revival of BSNL. GS attended on behalf of AIBSNLOA. CMD conveyed the status on various issues and said that most of the issues required to be addressed by the DoT/Government and hence wanted us to meet Secretary, DoT. Secretary, DoT is on foreign visit and is likely to return on Monday. Meanwhile Forum will meet on Monday at 1100 Hours and discuss strategies for successful implementation of the strike decision. All Circles and Branches are requested to actively mobilise for the strike so that the strike on the two days is total. View status report


Taxpayers to disclose bank accounts, foreign travel to I-T:

Taxpayers will have to disclose all bank accounts held by them in the country and instances of foreign travel to the Income Tax department while filing their returns for the assessment year 2015-16. Read More


TRAI Releases Recommendations on “Delivering Broadband Quickly What do we need to do?”:

WPC should be converted into an independent body by de-linking it from the present DoT hierarchy and either converting it into a statutory body responsible to Parliament or transferring it to an existing statutory body. Even in a more limited role of assigning solely commercially available spectrum, there is a strong case for an institutional overhaul of WPC to realize goals of institutional efficiency, transparency in decision-making and full disclosure of decisions. The infrastructure of PSUs is lying unutilized and thus they should be mandated to unbundle their network and allow sharing of outside plant (OSP). Read More


Merger of STR and STP circles under single CGM:

CMD has approved the merger of STR and STP circles under single CGM. With the merger, CGM (STR) is redesignated as CGM (STR & STP). View letter


Clarification for reimbursement of diet supplements under BSNLMRS:

BSNL CO has clarified that all dietary supplements restricted under CGHS/CCS (MA) Rules from time to time will also be restricted under BSNLMRS. View clarification


Tenure transfers in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued transfer orders to DEs/AGMs who have completed their tenure and to their substitutes. View orders


AIC call for making two days strike on 21st and 22nd April, a complete success:

The All India Conference of AIBSNLOA held at Kolkata has passed a resolution appealing to all the members to organise and participate in the two days strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015. AIBSNLOA is also a signatory to the strike notice issued by Forum of BSNL unions and Associations. View strike notice


Meeting with DGM (Pers):

GS and OS (North) met DGM (Pers) today and discussed the following:

1.Prompt relieving of Executives on completion of tenure:

We requested that efforts should be made for relieving the executives promptly after completing tenure in tenure stations. DGM (Pers) agreed to do the needful.

2.Promotion to DGM (T):

Since a decision has come on Rule 206, we requested that promotion to DGM (T) on adhoc basis should be ordered at the earliest. DGM (Pers) said that action is being taken for issue of promotion orders at the earliest.

3.Promotion from SDE to DE/AGM:

As the provisional revised seniority lists 6 and 7 have been already circulated and are likely to be finalised shortly, we requested that promotion from SDE (T) to DE/AGM under seniority cum fitness quota be processed, as around 1000 vacancies are available. DGM (Pers) has agreed to examine our request.


Meeting with CGM (NTR):

GS and OS (North) had a courtesy meeting with Shri A.K.Goel, CGM NTR today. It turned out to be a very fruitful exchange of views about revival of BSNL. CGM NTR felt that Executive Associations have a bigger role in revival of BSNL and conveyed his wishes for AIBSNLOA's efforts in this direction. We assured him that AIBSNLOA will leave no stone unturned in realising a BSNL turnaround.


JTO Eligibility List - status of 130 JTO left out:

BSNL has circulated the names of 130 JTOs in respect of whom gradation particulars are yet to be received. View list


Reconstitution of Advisory Committee of AIBSNLOA:

The All India Conference of AIBSNLOA held at Kolkata on 10th and 11th April 2015 has reconstituted the Advisory Committee. View reconsituted advisory committee


Amendment to CCS (Joining Time) Rules:

DoP&T has notified CCS (Joining Time)(Amendment) Rules, 2015. View notification


Revision of honorarium for IO/PO (serving):

BSNL has revised the honorarium of JTOs/JAOs functioning as IO/PO during service. View orders



After successful completion of the proceedings of the second All India Conference of AIBSNLOA on 11th April 2015, the delegates are returning back to their home stations with renewed energy, enthusiasm, vigour and excitement. The delegates session witnessed the delegates sitting through the entire proceedings without any sign of fatique and participating in the lively deliberations on all the issues brought out in the General Secretary's Report. Reception Committee of West Bengal, under the able leadership of Com.A.K.Pal, guided by Com.Sukumar Ghosh and steered by Com.Soumya Basak had made exceptionally wonderful arrangements for the accommodation and the meeting in a recently renovated building. The members of various committees had worked for the past two months and during the period of the conference tirelessly to ensure least inconvenience to the delegates. The Cultural Team of AIBSNLOA West Bengal exhibited its skills through welcome song and a play 'Who am I?', which received high level applause from the audience. The delegates will cherish the fond memories of the conference for years to come. Com.K.Rajasekaran, CPRO, Tamilnadu, Com.Rakesh Sethi, AGM, BSNL CO and Com.Swapan Bhattacharya, CAO, West Bengal have been unanimously elected as President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively. View List of office bearers View General Secretary's Report


Revision of IDA w.e.f.1.4.2015:

BSNL has endorsed DPE orders revising IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2015 from 100.3% to 100.5%. View orders



The colorful open session of our AIC at Kolkata was held at 1400 Hrs on 10.4.2015, in a astounding setting with jubiliation in the air and the ambience reflecting the mood of the participants. After a cultural presentation and lighting of lamps, CHQ President delivered his address which was followed by Keynote Address by Com.Rakesh Sethi, General Secretary. The Keynote address covered all the issues lingering in the minds of BSNL executives. Ms.Dola Sen, Member of Parliament & President AI INTTUC delivered Special Address. Shri Pradip Banerjee, Working President, INTTUC, Shri N.K.Singh of TMC, Com.S.Basu, Chief Patron AIBSNLOA, Com.K.Sebastin, GS SNEA, Com.Deepak Shahu, AGS, AIGETOA, Com.Vishwanath Dutta, TUBSNL, Com.Saibal Singh, CS, BSNLEU and Com.Anup Mukherjee, GS SNATTA addressed the gathering. Com.Praveen Agarwal, JTO did the anchoring and delivered vote of thanks. CMD BSNL had sent a message that "Although I very much wanted to be personally present with you during the conference but due to some important meetings scheduled, I am not in a position to come for exchange of views with you' and had conveyed his wishes to the members of AIBSNLOA. After conclusion of the session, a play 'Who am I?' was staged by the Cultural Team of AIBSNLOA West Bengal. More details and photos will be published later. View Keynote Address


Regular promotion to CAO grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of promotion to CAO grade on regular basis. View orders


Revision of landline tariff:

BSNL CO has issued orders revising landline tariff and introducing free night calling between 9 PM and 7 AM. View letter


Revision of IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2015:

DPE has issued orders revising IDA to 100.5% w.e.f. 1.4.2015. View orders


Inter circle transfer in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining 9 executives in their parent circles, who were earlier posted to other circles on promotion under LDCE. View orders


Regular promotion to DE/AGM grade - retention:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining one executive in her parent circle upto 30.9.2015. View orders


Provisional Revision of seniority lists 6 & 7 of SDE (T):

BSNL CO has provisionally revised the seniority lists 6 & 7 of SDEs (T) in compliance of CAT Chandigarh and High Court of Punjab and Haryana orders and in compliance with Supreme Court order dated 12.8.2014 in CA 7830/2014. View letter and lists   View Excel file of Seniority List 6   View Excel file of Seniority List 7


Regular promotion to DE/AGM grade - cancellation:

BSNL CO has issued orders cancelling the promotion in respect of 11 executives who have foregone the promotion. View orders


Regular promotion to DE/AGM grade - declining rejected:

BSNL CO has rejected declining of promotion in respect of 13 executives. View orders


Tenure transfers in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued tenure transfer orders in SDE (T) grade. View orders


Transfer and Postings in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued two orders of transfer and posting in DE/AGM grade. View orders


Retention on promotion and posting as DE/AGM:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining one executive in his parent circle upto 31.3.2016. View orders