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  • 31.01.2011: Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: Written arguments were submitted by the respondents in the CAT today. The Hon'ble CAT has reserved its orders, without specifying date

  • 29.01.2011:Kapil Sibal unveils New Telecom Policy: In future, the spectrum will not be bundled with licence. The licence to be issued to telecom operators will be in the nature of ‘unified licence’ and the licence holder will be free to offer any of the multifarious telecom services. In the event the licence holder would like to offer wireless services, it will have to obtain spectrum through a market driven process. In future, there will be no concept of contracted spectrum and, therefore, no concept of initial or start-up spectrum. Spectrum will be made available only through market driven process.' Read More...

  • 28.01.2011:REVISION OF PENSION OF ABSORBED PRE-2007 RETIRED BSNL EMPLOYEES IN IDA SCALE: The top ranking Officer in Telecom Commission who had earlier indicated that DOT is waiting for the minutes of the Cabinet meeting in this regard has informed today the receipt of the minutes by DOT. Issue of orders on Consolidation of Pension w.e.f. 1.1.2007, which naturally will be a lengthy one, will however take some time as it has to be approved by the senior officers in DOT and Telecom Finance. We may expect the orders to be issued by the end of February. (AIBSNLREA-27.1.2011)

  • 28.01.2011:Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: Arguments continued today. The Hon'ble CAT has directed all the respondents to file written arguments on 31.1.2011.

  • 27.01.2011:TDSAT rejects RCom's plea against BSNL: 'TDSAT has dismissed Anil Ambani group firm RCom's plea challenging the penalty and disconnection notices issued by state-run BSNL for wrong routing of international calls in Karnataka Circle in 2003.' Read More...

  • 27.01.2011:Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: As scheduled, the case came up for hearing today. Arguments have commenced today and shall continue tomorrow.

  • 25.01.2011:BSNL endorses IDA increase: BSNL has endorsed DPE orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.1.2011, by 3.2% from 39.8% to 43%.  View orders...

  • 24.01.2011:Increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.1.2011: DPE has issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 1.1.2011, by 3.2% from 39.8% to 43%.  View orders...

  • 23.01.2011:BSNL to expand 3G footprint: Public sector telephone service provider BSNL today said it will expand its 3G footprint in 60 more cities, taking the number to 760 cities. Speaking to reporters after launching Fibre to Home Technology at Chennai, BSNL chairman Gopal Das expressed confidence that the company can beat competition, thanks to its penetration. "We hope to out beat our competitor by expanding our 3G cell phone technology to 60 more cities. Even though our rivals may enter 3G market soon, with our penetration in 760 cities we can beat them," he said. (PIB)

  • 21.01.2011:Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: When the case came up for hearing today, the senior counsel for the applicants pleaded for one week time. The case is now posted for 27th January 2011.

  • 19.01.2011:Transfers in SDE (Telecom): BSNL has issued inter-circle transfer orders in SDE (Telecom).  View orders...

  • 18.01.2011:All India GSM subscribers figures for December 2010: BSNL steadily inches upwards with growth rate of 4.08% and market share of 14.99%.  View figures...

  • 17.01.2011:Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: When the case came up for hearing today, the counsel for the applicants pleaded for time since their senior counsel was not in Head Quarters. The case is now posted for 21st January 2011.

  • 14.01.2011:CHQ writes to CMD on reduction in expenditure: 'According to the financial results of BSNL for the year 2009-2010, expenditure on ‘Power and fuel’ is the highest, amounting to Rupees 203,057 lakhs, next only to expenditure on salary. We believe that maximum effort should be focused in this area only. Unfortunately, the field units seek to curtail expenditure on fuel for engine alternators in BTS and other exchanges, which is only critically affecting operational efficiency. No effort appears to have been taken in curtailing fuel expenditure on departmental vehicles. Pooling of vehicle by senior officers remains only in paper. While vehicle use is restricted for important maintenance works, misuse of vehicle is reported to be continuing without any restrain. A system of checking and correcting bogus entries in vehicle log books is to be put in place urgently.' Read More...

  • 14.01.2011:CHQ writes to MoC on E2 and E3 scales: 'We therefore request you to kindly intervene and direct DoT and BSNL to resolve the peculiar situation where a large section of the BSNL Executives are drawing pay only in temporary and provisional scales for nearly two years after implementation of pay revision Orders of DPE following 2nd Pay Revision Committee recommendations for rest of the Executives of BSNL, on the lines suggested by us.' Read More...

  • 13.01.2011:AIBSNLOA Kerala Circle website launched: AIBSNLOA Kerala Circle has launched its website. Visit the site at

  • 13.01.2011:Scheme and Syllabus of LDCE for promotion to SDE (Civil) under 33% quota: BSNL has circulated the scheme and syllabus of LDCE for promotion to SDE (Civil) under 33% quota.  View circular...

  • 11.01.2011:Private companies reject BSNL offer for 3G alliances: 'MTNL has been more successful with this business model as two telcos— Tata Teleservices and Aircel— have bid to share its 3G airwaves in Delhi. Under the MTNL model, the two private operators would be allowed to launch high-end services in Delhi on MTNL's 3G network.'  Read More...

  • 11.01.2011:BSNL offers special tariff to Port-in GSM customers under MNP scenario: BSNL has introduced special tariff offers to both Pre-paid and Post-paid GSM customers willing to switch over to BSNL services under Mobile Number Portability scenario.  View offer...

  • 11.01.2011:Posting of JTO (Telecom) in TERM cell of DoT: BSNL has circulated a list of 82 JTOs willing to be posted to TERM Cell of DoT.  View circular...

  • 10.01.2011:SC issues notices to Centre, 11 telecos on cancellation of 2G spectrum licenses: The Supreme Court on Monday issued notice to the Centre on the plea seeking cancellation of 2G spectrum licenses allocated during the tenure of former Telecom Minister A Raja . The apex court also issued notices to 11 companies which allegedly did not fulfill the roll out obligations as per the terms and conditions of allocation of the spectrum. The companies which were issued notices were Etisalat, Uninor, Loop Telecom, Videocon, S-Tel, Allianz Infra, Idea Cellular, Tata Teleservices, Sistema Shyam Teleservices, Dishnet wireless and Vodafone-Essar. (PTI)

  • 10.01.2011:Posting of SDEs in TERM Cell of DoT: BSNL has issued orders posting SDEs in TERM Cell of DoT on temporary and stop-gap arrangement.  View orders...

  • 07.01.2011:MoC's Press Statement on 2G issue: 'For all these reasons the CAG’s criticism that the policy of awarding licences and spectrum at reasonable rates involved a large loss to the exchequer has no merit. However the CAG’s findings regarding procedural irregularities in the implementation of the first-come-first-served policy are in a different category and must be taken very seriously. Indeed, the Government depends upon the CAG to highlight such issues and there is a well laid down procedure for dealing with such findings.' Read More...

  • 05.01.2011:LDCE for promotion to SDE (Civil), SDE (Electrical) & AE (Arch): BSNL proposes to hold Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of SDE (Civil)/SDE (E)/AE (Arch) in June/July 2011. View Circular...   View list of JTO (C)/JTO(E)/JTO (Arch)...

  • 04.01.2011:Stay on operation of Foot Note 2 below Schedule IA of BSNL MS RR: Along with AIBSNLOA application (MA 787/2010 in OA 983/2010), MA 4 & 5/2011 in OA 983/2010 filed by two other associations came up for hearing today. Contesting the prayers for vacating the stay, the original applicant's counsel pressed for final hearing on the original application. The case has been now posted for 17.1.2011 for final hearing.

  • 03.01.2011: BSNL to enter into roaming arrangements with private operators for 3G, invite bids soon: BSNL is set to invite bids from private operators to share its third generation airwaves, a company official told ET. The telco is of the view that it can raise between Rs 2,500 crore to Rs 5,000 core over five years if it were to enter into roaming arrangements with two players for its third generation airwaves. “Having tracked MTNL’s success in attracting bids for sharing its 3G airwaves by entering into roaming agreements, we are working to put in place a similar model,” BSNL’s acting chairman and managing director Gopal Das told ET.

  • 02.01.2011: Sibal Announces Agenda of Ministry of Communications and IT for Next 100 Days: 'All possible efforts will be made to fill up Board Level vacancies in PSUs and for greater participation of BSNL/ MTNL and C-DOT in national and socially important programmes, while addressing structural issues, improving internal efficiency and financial performance of BSNL/ MTNL'.  Read More...

  • 01.01.2011:As a first positive development in the New Year, AIBSNLOA Kerala Circle has been formed today with enthusiastic Executives electing a Circle Body and vowing to expand it shortly and hold a General Body meeting in a few months. Com.S.Venugopalan Nair, SDE, Com.M.L.Hari Kumar, AD and Com.V.R.Prasannakumar, SDE have been elected as President, Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively.  The other Circle Office-bearers are: Com.M.Rajalekshmi, DGM (F) - Vice President; Com.V.S.Jayaprakash, AGM -ACS; Com.C.G.Mohandas, SDE - Asst.Finance Secretary and Com.Sivaprasad P Pillai, AGM - Organising Secretary. 



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