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23.08.2009: Gurus and Disciples - II

11.08.2009: Guru and Disciples (with Guru of nearby Mutt)

02.02.2009: REVISION OF IDA PAY SCALES FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES – ITS PRESENT STATUS:   During the last couple of days, a strong message went from one corner to the other in the country that the proposed revision of IDA pay scales for BSNL Executives is facing rough weather and it is likely to be lost. A call was also given to the Executives to awake, unite and fight. In one website it was reported that CMD, BSNL has recalled the file from DOT for review of the proposal in view of bad financial position of BSNL. But the informed sources say where from the CMD, BSNL calls back the file when no file was at all sent to DOT? BSNL had only sent a detailed proposal in the form of a letter. Moreover, the proposal was duly approved by BSNL Board only a fortnight back, duly keeping in view the already deteriorated financial position of BSNL. This position did not change overnight to create a condition to withdraw and review the proposal. DOT, as usually happens during the course of examination of any proposal, had raised a query about capability of BSNL to meet the burden of additional expenditure in the background of its continuous loss of profit. In this regard BSNL received an official communication from DOT on last Friday and this has also been replied with the concurrence of CMD, BSNL who is now in abroad. Now DOT has to further process the proposal. Those who regularly visit our website may recall that on 28.01.2009 we reported that “Member (Finance), Telecom Commission had raised certain queries regarding the proposal sent by BSNL on revision of IDA Pay Scales. The concerned senior Officers from BSNL visited Sanchar Bhawan in this connection and clarified the same“. Now it is established beyond doubt that our report was fully correct. The communication from DOT carrying the same query to BSNL was only to get clarification from the competent authority. Now that the query has already been replied in writing, the process should move on in DOT. We must keep in mind that since Presidential Directive has to be finally issued by DOT, the approval of Hon’ble Minister of Communications in DOT’s file would be necessary. Therefore, our Association did the right thing by meeting and raising the issue with the Hon’ble MOC at his native place on 01.02.2009 (as already reported in this website).  Our centre of activities therefore now should be DOT Headquarters at Sanchar Bhawan and NOT the BSNL.

12.12.2008:AIBSNLOA Tamilnadu Circle has published in their website a write-up captioned 'QUESTIONS SOME INNOCENT BSNL EXECUTIVES VERY MUCH WANT TO ASK, BUT ARE AFRAID TO ASK': "Some innocent BSNL executives are worried over the recent call given by their associations for giving option to revert back to DoT. They have a lot of questions to ask but are afraid to ask either their local office-bearers or the central leadership. On behalf of these Executives we put up the questions lingering in their minds. We hope they may get the clarification from their leaders at the highest level."  Read more...

10.12.2008:Height of absurdity: We had reported on 5.12.2008 that DoT has extended time limit up to 15th December 2008 to exercise option for absorption in BSNL/MTNL to the Group A Officers of DoT on the plea that they can now have a considered opinion after the Govt. approval of Pay revision for CPSE Executives’ has come.....Meanwhile two Executives’ Associations of BSNL have asked their members to exercise option to DoT on the ground that the time limit for submitting option has been extended up to 15th December 2008. They have deliberately suppressed the fact that the option has been extended only to the Group A officers and not for the Group B Officers or C&D Employees.......These Associations would perhaps do better, if they stop playing to the gallery on this very vital and critical issue. Let all Unions/Associations take united stand for repatriation of those on deputation in BSNL in the overall interest of BSNL and put meaningful pressure on the Government. Read More...

09.12.2008:SELF PROCLAIMED SAVIORS OF THE BSNL EXECUTIVES ONCE AGAIN EXPOSED – CAUGHT IN THE ACT OF HELPING THE MANAGEMENT AT THE COST OF THE EXECUTIVES: Two Executives' Associations of BSNL have demanded 'implementation of the standard pay scales approved by the Govt. recommended by the 2nd PRC i.e. E2, E3, E4, E5 and E6 pay scales to JTO, SDE, DE, DGM, SG DGM and equivalent Executives in BSNL respectively.' Apart from the fact that they have not asked for any scale for Sr.SDEs and have asked for the existing standard E4, E5 and E6 pay scales only for DE, DGM and SG DGM, it appears that they have not done any home-work on what their demand actually means to the BSNL Executives. Our team analysed this and found that the JTOs and SDEs are not going to benefit a single paise with mere E2 and E3 scale. That is why AIBSNLOA has demanded a higher start with a minimum of three increments for all standard scales and fitment in E4, E5 and E6 scales for Sr.SDE, DE and DGM. SG DGM have already been offered E7 scales.(Refer out letter to Director (HRD))  Read Analysis Part II  and Explanation in Excel sheet.

08.12.2008:An objective analysis on the Govt. decision on pay scales of Executives in CPSEs vis-a-vis Second Pay Revision committee recommendations: Before writing to Director (HRD), BSNL and Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises on this matter, AIBSNLOA CHQ, with the help of a team of veteran leaders, carried out intensive analysis of the Govt. decision on pay scales of Executives in CPSEs vis-a-vis Second Pay Revision committee recommendations. The analysis is published in two parts for the benefit of all Executives of BSNL. View analysis Part I...     View fitment details...

23.11.2008:BSNL Executives’ hope for better wages shattered:  Government’s decision not to accept one of the most important recommendations of Second Pay Revision Committee to have five categories of CPSUs instead of four as at present has dealt a serious blow to the expectation of the BSNL Executives to get better wages. The recommendation of Second Pay Revision Committee to place BSNL in category A+ with highest pay scales and other benefits had made the BSNL Executives happy, that they would get not only higher pay scales but also higher fitment benefits. But now placed in A category, with their present lower pay scales compared to many other PSUs including MTNL, the Executives of BSNL are really disappointed. Also, it will not be automatic that BSNL Executives get even the revised pay scales as recommended and present disparity in pay scales with the Executives of other CPSUs removed. Rejection, by the Government, of the recommendation for introducing A+ category of CPSUs and placing BSNL in it might have caused serious disappointment in BSNL Executives, but at least one Association of BSNL Executives will be happy now. Their strong plea before the pay revision committee that, There is no need to revise the present classification of Schedule of CPSE (A, B, C, D)’  was turned down and a new A+ category was recommended to be created by Justice Rao committee, with BSNL being included in it. However the Government has now accepted the aforesaid Association's plea giving them a point to claim a great success though it has affected the BSNL Executives very badly.

21.11.2008:No A+ categorisation: Confirming the information from our sources, PTI reports that, 'For purpose of fixation of pay scales of executives, the Cabinet, based on recommendations of the CoS, decided to classify the CPSUs into four categories — A, B, C and D, instead of five categories — A+, A, B, C and D recommended by the Rao Committee in May.  In a bid to minimise anomaly, the revised pay scale would provide benefit of one additional increment for every two increments earned to mitigate the problem of junior and senior executives getting the same pay. Under the new revised pay scale, the ceiling of

20.11.2008:According to our sources, all the recommendations of Justice Rao committee have not found acceptance by the Union Cabinet. In particular, the categorisation of A+ is reported to have been not accepted and top category will be 'A' only, implying that BSNL Executives will have the pay scales specified for Category A only. There are unconfirmed reports of some more important changes.

24.07.2008: A+ categorisation of BSNL by the 2nd Pay Revision committee for CPSEs - CLAIMS & THE FACTS: 'The moment the 2nd Pay Revision Committee for CPSEs in its recommendations submitted to the Government categorized the CPSEs into five categories i.e  A+, A, B, C and D in place of existing categorization in four categories i.e A, B, C and D  and incidentally  BSNL has got a place in category A+ having passed through the parameters fixed by the Pay Revision Committee of its own for deciding the categorization for the CPSEs, the other two Executives’ Associations in BSNL started making tall claims that it is because of them that the BSNL has been classified as A+.'  These claims are far from the facts.  Read More...


Com.Rakesh Sethi
General Secretary