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Site updated on 22.10.2014


CHQ writes to Prime Minister on Implementation of commitment by Government of India in ensuring the financial viability of BSNL:

'It may kindly be recalled that the NDA Government had assured at the time of formation of BSNL in October 2000 that BSNL will be compensated for any loss making services in remote and rural areas and the financial viability of BSNL will be ensured through ADC, reimbursement of licence fee and support through USO fund. After a few years, the UPA government had stopped all these financial assistances, except support through USO Fund. Meanwhile in 2010, BSNL had to cough up Rs 8313 crores to the government as BWA spectrum charges and was allotted non-standardised band of BWA spectrum for 21 circles.' Read More


Promotion to the grade of Deputy General Manager on regular basis in Telecom Finance:

BSNL SEA section has issued promotion and posting orders to 122 Telecom Finance executives in DGM grade on regular basis. View orders


Moidifications in posting orders in DE/AGM grade on regular basis:

BSNL CO has issued three orders modifiying the circle of posting on promotion as DE/AGM on regular basis. More such orders are expected to be issued. View orders


Inter-circle transfer orders in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued three inter-circle transfer and posting orders in SDE (T) grade. View orders


Preparatory exercise for promollon to SDE(T) cadre under seniority quota for vacancies 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 onwards- Furnishing ACRs and assessment report:

BSNL CO has sent a reminder regarding APAR grading for two years 2010-2011 ond 201l-2012 i.r.o of JTOs of 1998 recruitment year onwords (1998,1999,2000 to 2005) required in respect of all the JTOs as asked for earlier by its letter dated 17.09.2014. View letter


BSNL may seek Rs 2,000 crore grant to give up a part of spectrum:

Another BSNL board member said the telco would dismiss 'Trai's suggestion if the government is not a position to fully compensate BSNL for meeting additional capex and network re-engineering costs. A senior official of the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) said the government would shortly "seek BSNL's views", like it did when Trai earlier this year called on the telco to return 50 per cent of its CDMA spectrum in the 800 MHz band.' Read More


Timely completion and proper maintenance of Annual Performance Appraisal Report(APAR) and communication of all entries to executives for fairness and transparency in public administration:

BSNL SEA section has circulated a list of Accounts & Finance Executives whose APAR(s) for the period ending 31.03.2014 duly Reported/Reviewed/Communicated and having been acknowledged by the executive concerned are pending to be received in BSNL CO. View letter


Meeting with CMD:

GS met CMD yesterday and discussed the following:

1.Delay in revision in posting orders of the seniors executives and Lady executives of Chennai and Tamilnadu Circles:

CMD agreed with our grievance that the issue has already been delayed badly and assured us that a decision will be taken soon in this regard. We requested CMD that atleast 50 % of the still available posts can be filled up according to seniority and that requests of ladies and requests on genuine medical grounds may be considered. CMD assured us that action as required will be taken next week.

2. Delay in issue of DGM (Regular) promotion orders in Telecom and Finance wings:

We requested CMD to cause early issue of orders in both DGM (T) and DGM (F) grades, since DPC have already been completed . CMD has agreed to ensure that the orders are issued at the earliest.


Preparatory work for Regular promotion in SE (Civil) grade - Calling of ACR:

BSNL CO has called for ACRs in respect of 18 Executives under consideration for regular promotion in SE (C) grade. View letter


Inter-circle transfer in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued inter-circle transfer orders in SDE (T) grade. View orders


Meeting with Sr. GM (Pers):

GS met Sr.GM (Pers) today and discussed the following:

1. Revision in posting orders of the senior executives and lady executives of Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu Circles:

Sr.GM (Pers) told us that soon a decision may be taken in this regard but only those cases which were strongly recommended by the concern CGM of that circle will be taken for consideration. We told him that already these excutives have been relieved from the respective circles and how could they get the recommendation by the CGM. Sr.GM (Pers) said that concerned CGMs may forward their application with due recommendation . Sr.GM (Pers) further said that only a few cases, related to critical illness, may be considered and it will not be possible to accommodate large number of executives in these circles. He wanted the executives to understand the problem of the management that all the promoted executives cannot be accommodated in these circles because huge number of executives of these two circles got promoted and already 70 -75 % posts in these circles have been filled up. But, we once again requested Sr. GM(Pers) to consider filling up atleast 50% of still available posts according to seniority and to consider all the genuine cases. Sr.GM (Pers) has assured us that he will take an early decision on this.

2. JTO to SDE promotion:

We once again requested Sr.GM (Pers) to take necessary action to resolve the court case. We reiterated our earlier suggestion that a Miscellaneous Application may be filed seeking permission from the court for holding the DPC subject to the outcome of the court case. Sr.GM (Pers) told us that the matter is being examined and soon a decision will be taken in this regard.

3. JAO to AO promotion:

We requested Sr.GM (Pers) to intervene in this matter and issue necessary instructions to concerned section for taking appropriate action so that work for holding of DPC may be competed at the earliest. Sr.GM (Pers) told us that Personnel section has already given permission for holding of DPC but due to some technical reasons it is being delayed. He assured us that he will pursue the matter with the concerned section.


Notification under sub-section (1) of section 18 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985 specifying jurisdiction of Benches of Central Administrative Tribunal:

DoP&T has issued further amendment to the notification. Read More


Regular promotion to DE/AGM grade - vigilance clearance:

BSNL Personnel Section has written to CVO BSNL regarding VC of 73 executives under consideration for regular promotion to DE/AGM grade. View letter


Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER and A&N.:

"It has been decided by the Government to permit Government servants to travel by air to North East Region (NER) , Jammu and Kashmir and Andaman & Nicobar Islands (A&N) as per the following scheme." Read More


Revision of ‘Applicability’ under certain broadband plans from ‘Home Users’ to ‘All users’:

BSNL CO has revised the applicability of certain broadband plans to all users in all the circles. View letter


Revision of IDA w.e.f. 1.10.2014:

BSNL CO has endorsed DPE orders revising IDA w.e.f. 1.10.2014. View letter


Furnishing of APAR in connection with promotion to DGM (T) grade on adhoc basis:

BSNL CO has circulated the names of Executives in respect of whom APAR is yet to be received. View letter


Furnishing of vigilance clearance in connection with promotion to DGM (T) grade on adhoc basis:

BSNL CO has circulated the names of Executives in respect of whom VC is yet to be received. View letter


Adoption of CPWD works manual 2014 and DSR-2014 in BSNL:

BSNL CO has decided that CPWD Works Manual 2014 and DSR-2014 should be adopted in BSNL, with a few exceptions. View letter


Calculation of Pension Contribution:

BSNL CO has decided that in supersession of its earlier instructions, pension contribution in respect of absorbed BSNL employees will be calculated on the maximum of the pay scale. This order will be effective from 1st October 2014. However the arrears payment for the period from December 2011 and September 2014 will not be made now. View letter


Tenure transfers in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued transfers orders to DEs/AGMs who have completed their tenure and to their substitutes. View orders


Regular Promotion in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of regular promotion in DE/AGM grade notionally w.e.f. 20.8.2014. View orders


Regular Promotion in DE/AGM grade:

BSNL CO has issued orders of regular promotion in DE/AGM grade notionally w.e.f. 1.7.2014. View orders


Compassionate Ground Appointments - Change of Procedure:

BSNL CO has circulated the revised procedure for evaluating CGA cases. View letter


Preparatory work for adhoc promotion from EE (Electrical) to SE (Electrical) grade:

BSNL CO has called for VC status in respect of 6 executives under consideration for adhoc promotion from EE (Electrical) to SE (Electrical) grade. View letter