Decrease in IDA w.e.f. 1.4.2014:

According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for December 2013, January 2014 and February 2014, IDA is to decrease by 2.1% w.e.f. 1.4.2014 from 90.5% to 88.4%.


Discrepancy in BSNL MS RR in respect of SDE grade of Civil/Electrical/Architecture wing in BSNL - Denial of promotion to EE grade in respect of non-graduates:

'While we were expecting a positive decision in view of the above supportive documents, we have been shocked by the letters from PGM (BW) calling for VC and ACR/APAR in order to conduct CPC for regular promotion to EE (Civil) grade, leaving out senior SDEs (Civil) who are non-graduates. This move would be detrimental to the interests of the non-graduate SDEs and also would be violation of DoP&T orders and the CAT judgment mentioned above.'  Read More


Removal of discrimination in grant of JAG Selection Grade Scale to absorbed Group ‘B’ Executives to ensure justice:

'Further as per .para 3 of DPE OM dated 24.12.20129 (copy enclosed), a CPSU cannot have more than one pay scale in a grade (DGM & GM in E 8 pay scale ) to promote its executives within the same grade.'  Read More


Request for permanent retention/extension of retention in Chennai TD to the Adhoc DEs who were given retention up to 31.3.2014 :

'In this regard it is submitted that Vide D.O. letter No. AST/DE-5L/2012-13/29 DATED 22.02.2013 CGM Chennai TD has strongly recommended their cases for extending their retention period on the following grounds:'  Read More


UTStarcom wins multi-service access network contract of $24 million from BSNL:

'"We are happy to have UTStarcom partner with us on this important project. UTStarcom has been a reliable partner in the past, and we have successfully deployed a large number of their broadband access products on our network", said R.K Upadhyay, Chairman and Managing Director of BSNL.'  Read More


Meeting with GM (Restructuring):

GS and AGS (HQ) met GM (Restg) today and registered our protest in strong terms against the proposed 'Revised Executive Promotion Policy in BSNL'. We conveyed that Time bound functional promotion upto SG JAG level as assured at the time of absorption should be implemented and that the Committee should take a decision on this. We said that the present EPP itself has too many deficiencies while the proposed revised EPP with more stringent benchmark and restriction placed in the number of vacancies will kill the career aspirations of the BSNL Executives. GM (Restg) said that the other Associations have been demanding implementation of 'CPSU Cadre Hierarchy' and BSNL has chosen to follow the cadre hierarchy in major CPSUs. We urged that, before taking any decision on this issue, all Executive Associations should be heard. GM (Restg) agreed with our concerns and requested us to submit our views on the proposal in writing, assuring us that our view points will be given due consideration.


Meeting with PGM (Electrical):

GS and AGS (HQ) met PGM (Elect) today and conveyed our thanks for once again issuing a letter to Tamilnadu Electrical Zone, reiterating to follow the instructions already issued by BSNL CO in respect of transfer and LA. We also discussed the issue of promotion of non-gradatue SDEs to EE grade, on the background of amendment to RR under consideration by the Management. PGM (Elect) was generally in agreement with our views and indicated that he also wanted that all should be given equal opportunity and every group should understand this.


Closing of offices in connection with General Elections to Lok Sabha:

BSNL CO has circulated DoP&T guidelines regarding closure of offices in connection with General Elections to Lok Sabha, State Assemblies and bye-election to State Assembly.  View orders


Rationalisation of number of landline & broadband service connections working in the offices:

BSNL CO has placed restriction on landline service connections working in the offices to 1% of the total billed wiredline connections in the circle and broadband connections to 0.25% of the total broadband working connections.  View orders


'CAG smells another scam during Maran's regime; DoT’s decision benefitted Bharti Airtel, government lost huge amount:

DoT had never examined or proposed the license extension issue. It did not discuss financial implication of the proposal, though it involved significant financial advantage to select telecom operators. It was never referred to the finance division of DoT. Bharti Airtel’s Tamil Nadu license was due to expired on November 2014 but due to DoT decision license of Chennai was extend till 2021 and additional validity of 7 years was given to Bharti Airtel without any cost.'  Read More


Declaration of results of LDCE for promotion to SDE (Civil) under 33% quota:

BSNL CO has declared the results of LDCE held on 15.12.2013 for promotion to SDE (Civil) grade under 33% quota.  View orders


Promotion to SDE (TF) under 67% seniority quota - cancellation on refusal:

BSNL CO has issued orders cancelling the promotion of six JTO (TF) as SDE (TF) due to refusal for accepting the promotion.  View orders


Revision of free data usage under EVDO services in all Telecom Circles:

BSNL CO has issued orders revising EVDO data tariff, increasing the free usage in Postpaid/Prepaid Plans and STVs.  View letter


Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2014 — Birthday of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar :

BSNL CO has endorsed DoP&T letter dated 12th March 2014, declaring 14th April 2014 as closed holiday on account of Birthday of Dr.Ambedkar.  View letter


Revised Executive promotion policy for executives in BSNL:

AIBSNLOA has been time and again advocating time bound functional promotions to the Executives (instead of the present time bound financial upgradation), as assured at the time of absorption. In February 2012, on insistence by some Executive associations (not AIBSNLOA) a committee was formed for considering ‘Introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL.’ Three Executive associations were given representation in the committee. In view of the fate of various earlier committees, we did not press for inclusion of AIBSNLOA in the committee. Therefore, we wrote to the committee that no decision on the issue should be taken by the committee without calling for and considering our views on the issue. The committee met only twice, on 12th July 2012 and 19th February 2013. However after discussions within the official side, the draft views of the official side were circulated on 1st July 2013. The official side had emphasized its view that "the organization hierarchy will be severely disturbed if functional promotion is given on time bound basis" and "that if the scenario for the year 2014 is projected when the next time bound upgradation is due, the no. of executives in higher pay scales (DE/DGMs) will increase whereas availability of executives at operational levels (JTO/SDE) would decline further.” AIBSNLOA refuted this and wrote to the Management that "The above contentions are not true since non-availability of JTOs is a result of failure of BSNL in recruiting JTOs to the extent of sanctioned strength and has nothing to do with the promotion policy. Increase in number of Executives with DE scale shall also not affect the operations anyway, since DEs and SDEs are performing similar functions except in administrative offices." The official side had further proposed that, “Accordingly, if we have to follow CPSU cadre hierarchy, the Executive promotion policy in BSNL requires to be completely recast. Some of the important features of such a policy would be clear assignment of marking system / weightages to different components such as performance, qualifications and experience for different levels of promotion such as from E-1 to E-2, E-2 to E-3 etc.” and that in this context, “there is dire need to review current benchmarks for financial upgradations so that these are aligned to the basic theme of performance-orientation and higher employee productivity.” Now BSNL Management has come up with the draft Revised Executive Promotion Policy replacing the present time bound financial upgradation and post-based functional promotions with "promotion of Executives to positions in the next higher grade on the basis of merit, efficiency, number of years of service in a grade and suitability for higher posts." Minimum period of service in a grade (called Eligibility Period) will be 5 years. More stringent benchmarks have been proposed and even after completion of Eligibility Period of 5 years and even after being found suitable by a CPC, promotion will be only to the extent of posts in higher grade to be decided on the basis of the recommendations of the consultant engaged by BSNL to prepare Revival Plan & HR Plan for BSNL. This will in effect mean that there will be no time bound promotion/upgradation and getting a post based promotion will become a more difficult probability. All members and other Executives are requested to go through the draft and convey their response to: within a week.  Read the draft


FDI has helped neither the telecom sector, nor the consumers, but crony capitalists and surrogates who held the baby until legitimised and baptised:

'In second of the two-part series article, Syngal argues that only a few people have got direct benefit of increasing FDI cap from 49% to 74% and then to 100%. And not only have the key decision makers failed to crush these colluding entities that have repeatedly cheated the country, they have also encouraged fiscal irregularities and illicit structuring by adjusting FDI caps ex post facto. In the disputed transaction that happened outside Indian territory, Li Ka-Shing took home a neat US$ 11.076 billion, Essar Group some US$ 5 Billion and as a result of the recent FIPB approval we will now see US$ 1.6 billion being shared by Analjit Singh and Piramal Enterprises. How much has come into India out of the much touted US$ 18 Billion or so? Zilch.'  Read More


After Bharti, RCom, and Viom, Reliance Jio to lease towers from BSNL; to launch 4G with the largest network of 300,000 towers:

'Sources told Telecomtiger that the company is also likely to sign agreement with the government-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) for leasing its 62,000 towers. The PSU is waiting for the cabinet nod for allowing it to share its towers with private players.'  Read More


Amendment to CCS (Pension) Rules substituting revised forms notified:

DoP&PW has notified in the Gazette the amendments made to CCS (Pension) Rules substituting revised forms for Form 3, Form 5, Form 7, Form 8, Form 10, Form 11, Form 12, Form 13, Form 14, Form 18, Form 19, Form 20, Form 21, Form 22 and Form 24.  View Notification


Promotion to SDE (E) under 33% quota - calling of VC:

BSNL CO has assigned year of vacancy to the successful candidates and has called for Vigilance Status.  View letter


Vodafone tax evasion case and its historical FDI pattern is a classical example of crony capitalism:

'It is becoming increasingly clear to citizens that the way in which FDI bars are set in India encourages crony capitalism. More often than not, shell entities, either in India or abroad, are used to funnel funds into companies above and beyond the FDI caps and controlling interest remains with Indian companies only on paper. As a result, the Indian economy suffers from having to bear the cost of surrogacy and only a handful of crony capitalists with access to the corridors of power gain from the various projects in the era of liberalisation.'  Read More


Transfer and Posting in the grade of Accounts Officer / Senior Accounts Officer:

BSNL CO has issued request transfer and interest of service transfer orders in AO/Sr.AO grade.  View orders


Review of result of failed OC candidates of JAO Part-II examination held in December 2012 by granting grace marks:

'The matter has been examined in detail and it has been decided by the Competent Authority that no grace marks shall be given to OC candidates of JAO Part-II examination held in December 2012.'  Read More


DGM Ad-hoc promotion in Telecom Finance – wanting ACR:

BSNL CO has circulated details of missing ACRs in respect of seven Executives under consideration for promotion to DGM (F) on adhoc basis.  View letter


Corrigendum to transfer orders in CAO grade:

BSNL CO has issued corrigendum to the transfer orders issued on 12.3.2014 in CAO grade.  View letter


Meeting with GM (Pers):

GS met GM (Pers) yesterday and discussed about permanent retention/extension of retention of executives of Chennai Telephones, Tamilnadu and Karnataka circles, in their respective circles. Since the present GM was not aware of the developments in July last year, we explained to him that these executives were promoted to DE grade on adhoc basis in July 2013 and posted to other circles and Management had given retention to these executives in Chennai, Tamilnadu and Karnataka up to 31st March 2014 on the grounds of either medical conditions or spouse working or holding of office in anExecutive Association. We also pointed out that but for the Management's decision to keep 20% post vacant in these circles all the executives promoted from these circles could have been retained in their parent circles. After hearing the details GM (Pers) said that the Executives who had been promoted from these circles and had joined in other circles obeying the Corporate Office orders are now requesting to transfer them back to these circles. "This has created difficulty in taking a decision on further retention", he said. However he has finally agreed that the matter will be re-examined and that the Management will take appropriate action in this regard. We also discussed about the regular promotion to DE and SDE grades. GM (Pers) said that due to court cases Management is not able to issue any promotion order. We requested GM (Pers) to take legal advice on this issue and to take action at the earliest so that executives may get promotion in time. He agreed for taking legal advice on the various court cases so that process of holding DPCs and ordering promotion on regular basis may be started. GM (Pers) also informed us that work for regular promotion to DGM adhoc has commenced.


Declaration of results of LDCE for promotion to SDE (E) under 33% quota:

BSNL CO has declared the results of the LDCE held on 24.11.2013 for promotion to SDE (E) grade under 33% quota.  View letter


Reconciliation of inter-se-seniority of some SDEs (T) belonging to ST category promoted to the grade against VY 2001-02 vis-a-vis their gradation details:

BSNL CO has asked the circles/units to verify gradation details available in the circle office concerned and forward to BSNL CO in order to reconcile and determine their inter-se-seniority.  View letter


Reservation for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes for appointment in Public Sector Enterprises - Concession to SCs/STs in posts filled by promotion by selection:

BSNL has circulated DPE F.No.6/11/2004-DPE (SC/ST Cell) dated 31.1.2014 on the subject for information and necessary action.  View circular


DoT to seek cabinet nod to hive off BSNL mobile towers:

The eGoM wants "the business potential of BSNL's tower assets to be unlocked in the next nine months as the captive structure has inherent inefficiencies". It has also suggested formation of a tower joint venture with induction of a private partner chosen "through a transparent, competitive process within the nine months, thereafter".  Read More


Declaration of Holiday on 14th April, 2014 — Birthday of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar:

DoP&T has declared Monday, the 14th April 2014, as a Closed Holiday on account of the birthday of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.  View O.M.


Public Enterprises Survey-2012-13 - Top 10 profit/loss making CPSEs:

'The top three CPSEs namely BSNL, MTNL and Air India Ltd alone incurred a loss equal to 65.12% of the total loss of all loss making CPSEs in 2012-13.'  Read More


Transfer / Posting orders in the grade of STS (CAO) of Telecom Finance:

BSNL CO has issued transfer and posting orders in the grade of CAO.  View orders


Ante-dating of the date of effect of adhoc promotion in DE/AGM grade:

In compliance of order dated 05.04.2013 of Hon'ble CAT Principal Bench, New Delhi, BSNL CO has ante-dated the date of effect of adhoc promotion in respect of 10 DEs.  View orders


Improper implementation of BSNL Transfer Policy in Tamilnadu Electrical Zone, which includes Chennai Telephone Electrical Circle:

AIBSNLOA had drawn the attention of PGM (Electrical) BSNL CO about Improper implementation of BSNL Transfer Policy in Tamilnadu Electrical Zone and had requested issue of instructions to strictly implement the order dated 29/10/2013.  View AIBSNLOA letter PGM (E) has now addressed CGMs Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones for implementation of guidelines issued on 26.10.2010 and 29.10.2013 scrupulously.  View letter


Now, Vodafone comes under Intelligence Agencies’ radar for leaking information to Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters:

'“It is a serious charge. If the MHA had this information, I do not know how 100% FDI for the company was approved. In fact, its earlier equity structure was also debatable and under scrutiny,” said a former Intelligence official.'  Read More


Regular promotion to EE Civil grade - VC and ACR called for:

BSNL CO has called for VC and ACR for 119 Executives for promotion to EE Civil grade on regular basis.  View letters


Verification of Engineering Degree qualification of Executives in SDE Civil grade:

BSNL CO has called for verification of Engineering Degree qualification in respect of 71 SDEs (Civil).  View letter


Joining date on Adhoc and Regular basis of Regular STS (Telecom) Executive of BSNL - inviting objections/discrepancies:

BSNL CO has circulated a list of 364 Regular STS (Telecom) with their date of joining on adhoc and regular basis, inviting objections /discrepancies if any.  View circular


Tenure transfers in SDE (T) grade:

BSNL CO has issued two sets of transfer orders for SDEs (T) who have completed their tenure and for their substitutes.  Read More


Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal competitive Examination (LICE) for filling up posts in the cadre of Junior Accounts officer under both 40% and 10% quota - corrigendum:

'In Para 1.1 of Annexure to the letter ‘The examination will consist of 2 papers having two parts each’ may be read as under: “The examination will be of objective type with negative marking and it will consist of 2 papers having two parts each.”'  Read More


Meeting with GM (SR):

GS met GM (SR) and had discussions on various issues presently agitating the minds of the Executives.

1.Approval of pay scales at par with MTNL employees:

We explained that BSNL employees were offered lower pay scales than their counterparts in MTNL in view of the Government Pension assured to them under Rule 37A of Pension rules. Now that MTNL employees have been granted Government pension under the same rule, it would be just and fair that BSNL employees are granted the higher scales at par with MTNL employees. GM (SR) was in agreement with our request but said that a decision however has to be taken during the next pay revision.

2. E2 and E3 sacles for JTOs and SDEs and equivalents:

We conveyed our strong opinion that Management should have sorted out genuine grievances of its Executives without allowing the issues to precipitate. GM (SR) hoped that a solution would be arrived at once the committee finalises its recommendeation.

3. Pension for BSNL recruited employees:

We requested that the Management should have a more human approach so as to implement the DPE guidelines. GM (SR) again said that the committee constituted for the purpose will seriously deliberate on this matter.

4.Resolution of seniority issues on the basis of recent DoP&T guidelines:

We said that unless the DPC for promotion and the Examination for Direct Recruitment are held every year, there will be no end to the seniority issues and consequent court cases. We requested that a calendar has to be drawn every year for holding of various examinations and holding of DPCs and scrupulously adhered to. GM (SR) agreed to convey our suggestion to all the concerned authorities.


Meeting with DGM (SR):

GS met DGM (SR) today and enquired about the commencement of process of membership verification of BSNL Executives' Associations. DGM (SR) informed us that the notification for conducting the verification is likely to be delayed, in view of various points raised further by the Associations, which are being examined.


Meeting with DGM (Pers):

GS met DGM (Pers) today and discussed regarding permanent retention of those DEs who have been retained upto 31.3.2014 in their parent circles. DGM (Pers) said that a decision on the policy to be followed is yet to be taken. On holding of DPCs for DGM (T) on adhoc basis, DE on regular basis and SDE (T), he said that these DPCs have been stalled due to different court cases. We requested him to consider obtaining legal opinion for holding the said DPCs early since the VCs already collected in respect of DE Regular and DGM Adhoc promotions will expire on 18.3.2014. DGM (Pers) has agreed to consider our request.


Special discount scheme for serving/retired employees of BSNL under EVDO and NIC postpaid data plan:

BSNL has introduced Special discount scheme for serving/retired employees of BSNL under EVDO and NIC postpaid data plan effective from 15.3.2014.  View letter


Gazette notification for revision of interest for GPF:

Dept. of Economic Affairs has issue Gazette Notification that during the year 2014-2015, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 8.7% (Eight point seven per cent) per annum. This rate will be in force during the financial year beginning on 1.4.2014.  View Notification


Promotion and posting as DE/AGM on regular basis:

BSNL CO has issued orders promoting two Executives as DE/AGM on regular basis.  View orders


Posting on promotion as DE on adhoc basis - retention orders:

BSNL CO has issued orders retaining one Executive in CHTD upto 30.9.2014.  View orders


Inter-se-seniority of Direct Recruits and Promotees:

In pursuance of Hon'ble Supreme Court judgment 0n 27.11.2012, DoP&T has issued instructions that conferment of seniority would be against the Recruitment Year in which the recruitment process is initiated for filling up of the vacancies.  View DoP&T O.M.


Central Civil Services (Pension) Second Amendment Rules 2014:

Government has published Gazette Notification amending CCS (Pension) Rules to the effect that provisions under Rule 37A will be applicable to MTNL in addition to BSNL, w.e.f. 1.10.2000.  View Gazette Notification


Inclusion of SC/ST category and minority community members in the Selection Board/Committees:

Refering to a DoP&T O.M. dated 4.6.2010, BSNL has requested all circles/units to observe the guidelines in the composition of Selection Boards/Committees to include a representative belonging to minority community.  View letter


Introduction of new Standalone Broadband Plan in all Telecom Circles:

BSNL has introduced new Standalone Broadband plan ‘BBG ULD 795’ in all telecom circles.  View plan details


Looking Beyond - The gas price conundrum:

'Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) had claimed it would produce 80 million metric standard cubic meter per day (mmscmd) of gas and even went ahead and built a cross-country pipeline from the KG D-6 well to transport this quantity. Gas output from KG D-6 never reached anywhere near 80 mmscmd in all the four years since the well commenced production. Currently, production is only around 13 mmscmd. The government, instead of enforcing the contract and ensuring that the operator delivers the promised volumes, not to mention penalising the operator for causing extensive losses to stranded gas consumers, has chosen to double KG D-6 gas prices hoping to cajole RIL to ramp up gas production from KG D-6 to its promised levels. The decision, which according to the AAP will deliver a further Rs.53,000 crore into RIL’s coffers, is not just ill-advised, but unconscionable.'  Read More