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Name of Account holder: All India BSNL Officer's Association
Name of Bank : Indian Overseas Bank(IOB)
Address : Parliament street, New Delhi
Account Number: 076201000023791
MICR : 110020013
IFSC Code:IOBA0000762
Vendor code: 0100085652


Promotion and postings in DGM (T) grade on adhoc basis:

BSNL CO has issued orders of promotion and postings in DGM (T) grade, for 195 executives.   View orders


Provisional Pension to VRS 2019 retirees:

BSNL CO has endorsed DoT orders on provisional pension to VRS 2019 retirees, along with ERP tool.   View letter


Requirement of APAR:

BSNL CO has requested APARs of 40 executives working in AGM (T) grade for the missing periods.   View letter


Retention of staff quarters by vrs retirees:

BSNL CO has clarified that requirement for submission of certificate for educational/medical ground may be disbursed with in respect of VRS 2019 retirees, for retention of quarters for the normal period of eight months.   View letter


Grant of vigilance clearance for obtaining passport:

DoP&T has clarified that Vigilance Clearance for obtaining passport can be withheld only under two circumstances, viz. the officer is under suspension; Chargesheet has been filed in a Court by the Investigating Agency in a criminal case or after grant of sanction by the Competent Authority under PC Act or any other criminal matter and taken cognizance of by the Court of Law.   View DoP&T OM


Special General Body Meeting of UP West Circle:

A Special General Body meeting of UP West Circle was held on 15.2.2020 under the Presidentship of Com.J.D.Sharma. Com.Janardan Yadav, Circle Secretary welcomed the gathering. GS Com.Rakesh Sethi, AGS Com.Sanjay Vishnoi, AGS Com.Nitin Kumar, CHQ Finance Secretary Com.V.K.Sharma, CHQ Editor Com.S.K.Bansal and Advisor Com.A.K.Sharma attended the meeting on behalf of CHQ. Members raised HR as well as organisational issues post-VRS and concerns about the future of BSNL and AIBSNLOA. In his elaborate speech, GS expressed hope that BSNL will successfully face the post-VRS situation and it will need some time to settle down. He emphasized continuation of AIBSNLOA with the same uniqueness as now and that the present CHQ setup will continue for the next six months and alternate arrangements will be made before that. AIBSNLOA has received support from its retired members in the past and all the office bearers and activists at all levels who have taken VRS will extend full support for functioning of AIBSNLOA effectively. All the associations have lost half of their membership and some sort of realignment will become unavoidable in the near future. Till such time, all of us can work together to increase the membership, he said. All the members present were in agreement with his views. Other HR issues were discussed in detail. The meeting ended with a note of new hope.


Meeting with Director (F):

GS and other CHQ office bearers met Director (F) today and expressed serious concern over delay in payment of Leave Encashment, GPF accumulation and GSLI amount to the VRS retirees. We also brought to his notice that GPF and GSLI amounts have been paid by a few circles while other circles including BSNL CO have not disbursed the amount. GS explained that four steps are required to be taken, two by BSNL and two by the concerned CCA for release of GPF amount and in most cases the third step by BSNL for raising the bill is pending. Director (F) spoke to GM (CA) and directed him to take necessary action for release of GPF amount without further delay. He also assured that action will be taken for payment of GSLI amount at the earliest. In respect of Leave encashment it was said that LIC will be releasing the required funds only in March First week. We requested that all the pre-requisites for LIC releasing the fund should be completed by February end, so that there is no delay after release of fund by LIC.

We also requested completion of all action by BSNL for payment of provisional pension without delay by the CCAs. Director (F) spoke to GM (Estt) and directed endorsing of the DoT OM immediately to all Circles for further action without delay.

GS also met GM (Estt) and GM (CA) separately and requested immediate action on these issues so that the suffering of the VRS retirees is mitigated.


Payment of provisional pension to VRS optees:

DoT has issued orders for payment of provisional pension for all BSNL and MTNL VRS 2019 retirees for a period of five months or till issue of PPO whichever is earlier.   View letter


Post office savings bank schemes and current interest rates:

BSNL CO has circulated the letter from Secretary, Department of Posts suggesting to DoT if a part of the retirement benefits can be invested in the POSB schemes instead of disbursing the whole amount to the retired officials.   View letter


BSNL VRS 2019 - Quantum of tax exemption available to VRS optee:

BSNL CO has circulated the relevant sections from Income Tax Rules and has reiterated that the VRS optee can claim exemption under section 10(10C) or relief uncer section 89, but not both.   View letter


BSNL VRS 2019 - Issue of last pay certificate:

DoT has issued instructions that Loans and advances mentioned in the Last Pay Certificate will have to be adjusted against Leave Encashment & Ex-gratia payable by BSNL and no dues would be recovered from Gratuity in respect of VRS 2019 optees.   View orders


Merger of Non-territorial circles:

BSNL CO has issued orders merging BRBRAITT Jabalput and Telecom Factories, Mumbai, Kolkata and Jabalpur with ALTTC, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh Circles respectively.   View orders


Group Term Insurance for BSNL Executives - guidelines for annual renewal of the scheme w.e.f. 1.3.2020:

The scheme is auto-renewable for the existing members with the same rate of premium. However the existing members can withdraw from the scheme by exercising their option to withdraw through ERP/ESS Portal.   View orders


Calling back to BSNL CO - PS/PA/Steno 'D' of erstwhile CSS cadre in BSNL CO on temporary transfer to circles:

BSNL CO has issued orders calling back erstwhile CSS cadre in BSNL CO on temporary transfer to circles.   View orders


Transfer and postings of Telecom Finance Executives:

BSNL CO has issued orders of transfer and postings in the grade of SAG/JAG/STS in Telecom Finance Stream.   View orders


Contingency plan for maintenance of network:

BSNL CO has conveyed approval of competent authority for fund allocation to meet the urgent requirement of expenditure on maintenance of BTS, CFA and OFC/Transmission networks till finalisation of outsourcing agency.   View letter


New tax regime will save hassle; not money:

FM Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday proposed to introduce new tax slabs with reduced rates for an annual income of upto Rs. 15 lakhs for those foregoing exemptions and deductions under a "simplified tax regime". The new system is however optional and will co-exist with the old one with three slabs and various exemptions and deductions.   Read More